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The 10 Best Things About Dripping Springs, Texas

Dripping Springs is known as the “Gateway to the Hill Country”. It’s no longer a sleepy little, wide spot in the road, town.  Drippin’ has budded and grown into a thriving Austin suburb. Featuring lots of hot foodie spots, great music venues, fun local shopping and such a varied calendar of events your head will spin.
Here are some of the Best Things About Dripping Springs according to our distinguished panel of judges.  They include a bribed local goat farmer, a hyper caffeinated hipster, an exhausted and incoherent new mom and a tech CEO from Austin.

  1. FOUNDERS DAY–  No other Dripping Springs event is as big and bold as FOUNDERS DAY! From the Friday parade where hundreds of pounds of candy are chucked at the thousands of people that line the streets, to the 100+ smokers cooking all weekend, you can’t forget you’ve been to Founders Day. The live music and food will have you tapping your toes and rubbing your belly all weekend. Held every Spring since 1986, Founders Day has grown into a huge festival drawing thousands of people from all over Texas.
  2. TIGER FOOTBALL–  Tiger Football is a spectacle.  In fact any High School football game in Texas is a spectacle but Tiger Football takes it to a whole new level.  Almost the entire town will turn out for a Friday night game.  The streets are deserted from about 6:30 to 10:30.  At half time you get to watch one of the best marching bands in Texas perform and when the team comes back on the field the sound from the stands is deafening!  You gotta love Tiger Football!football-week-3
  3. MAZAMA COFFEE CO.-  Up until about 2012 the best cup of coffee in Dripping Springs came from the Circle K at the main intersection in town.  On it’s best day it was adequate.  When Vicky and Bruce Lewis decided to open Mazama Coffee Co. that all changed.  All of a sudden the town was saying things like “robust flavor” and “nutty overtones” and “fresh roasted aroma”.  Mazama quickly became the best meeting spot in town.  It’s worth a trip just to see all the locals sitting around enjoying a fresh cup of joe and a muffin or breakfast taco.  And the coffee is AMAZING!  Look for an additional location in Caliterra coming in October 2017.roaster_and_bag_web
  4. DRIPPING SPRINGS RANCH PARK  DSRP has quickly become a hub for all kinds of activities in Dripping Springs.  On any given weekend you could visit DSRP and see a horse show, a wine and food event and a gala.  The facility covers 166,000 square feet.  It has a huge rodeo arena and stalls and a covered and air conditioned convention center.  The building is hard to miss as you drive south on Ranch Road 12.  It’s a massive structure located on the old Harrison Ranch.  Check out the calendar of events!
  5. SHRED DAY–   Shred Day has helped free up more space in storage units and attics than any garage sale ever could.  Shred Day was started by Michelle Lewis and Steve Mallett of The Mallett Integrity Team Real Estate Company.  Each year they hire a giant truck to come out to the Keller Williams office in downtown Drippin’.  For 4 hours a line curls around the parking lot with people dropping off boxes of tax returns, bank statements and other useless paperwork to be shredded while they watch.  Held every year in September, Shred Day is a local favorite.14358836_10154216020517935_7573384935508649210_n
  6. FLORES TACO SHACK–  If you were driving through Dripping and saw Flores you might just drive on by and think “I’ll pass on taking a chance on that place.”  But the locals know better!  Flores is tasty!  From staple breakfast tacos like sausage, egg and cheese to the popular chicken fajita, and the occasional fresh hot tamales, the food is fantastic.  You will not be disappointed and as you wait in line you’re sure to meet some of the locals.  Being friendly is a Drippin’ way of life.
  7. RUN BY THE CREEK–  Started in 2012 by a group of runners, the Run By The Creek is one of the prettiest running courses in the Hill Country.  The course winds along Onion Creek and crosses the water 6 times in the 10K race.  There is a 5K and a 10K race.   Runners of all abilities come out from Olympic hopefuls to weekend warriors.  Expect to run with about 500 of your running buddies in one of the most fun and exhilarating workouts you can find west of Austin.fullsizeoutput_dbd
  8. DRIPPING WITH TASTE– The 2016 DWT was huge with over 2000 people sampling local food, music and adult beverages.  Each entry ticket comes with a small sipping cup so you can taste local brews, spirits and wines.  Music is all local.  The atmosphere is fun and lively.  It can feel like the whole town turned out!
  9. THE BARBER SHOP– The Barber Shop Brewpub is located in downtown Dripping Springs in a historic building that began life in 1924. In its earliest life, the building served as a garage, then later a gas station, before becoming “The old Barber Shop”. Now the Barber Shop Brewpub is where the locals come to unwind after a long hard day at work.  In addition to a well-considered selection of popular local, national, and international beers and wines, they have a tap or two of their own special brews! Live music is always on tap, and if there isn’t, just bring your guitar or violin and start playing.img4
  10.  HUDSON’S ON MERCER– If you have been searching for the place to venture out to in Dripping Springs Hud’s is the place to go. Chad and Natasha Hudson have worked tirelessly to build the venue they have always wanted to perform in and visit. Chad and Natasha met in Nashville and dreamed of owning a place like Hudson’s on Mercer.  When Hud’s opened the whole feeling of Mercer Street changed.  What once was a dusty street with a feed store and a post office has become the center of Drippin’ nightlife.  Even though the feed store is still right next door…