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The Way You Pick Your Real Estate Agent Is Flawed

When I got into the Real Estate business in 2003 I could not believe how people picked their agent. They would tell me “my neighbor has his license.”, or “my buddy in Austin sells a couple of homes a year so I am going to let him sell it.” Worst of all was the “I am going to get my license and sell the home myself.”
Real Estate is one of the few professions where people hire people because of proximity, a relationship or because they don’t want to tell someone “NO”.
Imagine you are building a top notch NBA team to compete against the likes of the San Antonio Spurs or the Houston Rockets. Would you line up 100 people you know, put a basketball in their hands and then decide who to play, based on who you are most familiar with, or who cooks the best brisket or who last invited you over to play cards? NO!
You would go on a search looking for the most talented, committed, focused and experienced athletes you could find. You would look for drive and passion for the game. Just being able to hold a basketball (or real estate license) means NOTHING!
Real Estate agents are like athletes. Some approach the game in a casual and non committed way. Similar to an athlete happy to play for a few minutes a game because he’s “getting a check”. Other athletes show up at the gym early and stay late, they look at films, they work with a coach, the constantly strive to be better and more productive. They want to play and they love the game!
Why would you hire anyone less? You deserve to hire an agent that has the desire, drive, passion and enthusiasm to win and get the job done. There is no sitting on the bench collecting a check in Real Estate. Results get you a pay check.
Next time you need to buy or sell a home do your homework. Find the most talented agent with a business model and plan for success. Not just for you but for his/her business. That agent is a professional. Hiring any less will never get you to the playoffs and it will cost you time and money and cause you frustration.
Choose who you team up with like it’s important. Because it is!