My Dog Could Sell Real Estate Right Now

People not in Real Estate have a misconception that these are the best of times for Real Estate agents. Agents post pictures with sold homes saying “Sold $250,000 over asking!” Like doing their job is some amazing feat. Imagine if everyone did that. “Look at this gorgeous bag of French Fries I just bagged up!” Or “Look how well I emptied these garbage cans!” Agents act like they breeze through each transaction with no fuss or muss and anyone who can fall out of bed in the morning can sell a home right now. The opposite is true though.  
Agents now are living in a bizarro world where some homes get 20 offers and some sit on the market for weeks.  Some buyers get the home of their dreams and others make offers for months and never are able to buy a home. Builders cancel contracts on a whim because they can sell the home for thousands more to a different buyer. Buyers win contracts and then change their mind the next day. Sellers demand weird concessions like free pizzas, trips or cars and buyers actually give those to them. Nothing is surprising anymore in the world of real estate.  
Real Estate agents used to be marketing companies. They listed a property, ushered as many buyers through the door as possible and eventually got a contract both parties could live with. Now Real Estate agents manage a chaotic process where multiple offers come in, buyers are lined up to see the homes, every buyer has different and sometimes crazy demands all the while being professional and fair to all parties. The job of an agent now is to guide the clients through a minefield of potential mistakes to get a contract that can actually close.
Agents blunder by giving the impression that selling Real Estate is easy. It would be better for the world to see the mess happening behind the curtain. People need to see how agents handle buyers crying because they lost out on the 12th offer they made. Social media posts should show 2 agents arguing about how much it will cost to replace a water heater when the inspection report shows it is on its last legs.  
It’s time for the world to see the messy, ugly, crazy and sometimes unlucky sides of real estate. When agents only post success stories people start to think their dogs could sell their home.  Some agents will work for dog food but the best agents in the business are earning every cent by managing chaos in the middle of one of the largest Real Estate booms in history.  


Steve Mallett has been licensed since 2004 and has been a Dripping Springs resident since 2003.  The Mallett Integrity Team was started in 2007 and has been a top team every year since.