Real Estate Agents love to tell fireside stories about their worst clients and the disaster created by being hired by someone with unrealistic expectations and a demanding demeanor.
A local couple was told by multiple agents that their house was worth $850,000. The kept insisting they wouldn’t list for any less than $1.2M. They found an agent who would list the home at $1.1M after telling them it was only worth $850,000. Of course no one wanted to buy the house at $1.1M and after a few months of no results the client fired the first agent and hired another desperate soul. The second agent also listed at too high of a price and, of course, the results were the same. Agent number two was also fired. The sellers said “We’re going in a different direction.”. The house never sold and the sellers got to keep their own home as the highest bidder. Both agents had spent hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars on marketing and the client did not reimburse them.
Agents want that story to be about bad clients, but agents have some responsibility in creating these problem clients. A good agent is willing to walk away from over priced listings.
There are agents out there who will list a property, at any price, just to get a sign in the yard. They don’t measure their success by sales as much as by listing volume. Unfortunately, this can lead to unhappy and aggravated clients whose homes don’t sell.
Sometimes, no matter how much data a client is shown they disregard the agent’s advice and disagree with the agent at every turn. These clients earn the honor of being spoken about in hushed conversations where agents try to one up each other with their horror stories.
There is a Seller Hall of Fame filled with smart sellers who work with the agent each step of the way.  Those clients end up selling with the least amount of hassle and for the highest price.
When you hire a good (experienced) agent listen carefully to the advice the agent gives and scrutinize the data they provide. That will allow you to make good decisions about how to get your home sold for the most money in the shortest period of time. The alternative is no different than hoping lottery tickets will fund your retirement. You might be right, but the odds are against you.

Steve Mallett is a top Broker in the Austin area and the host of the weekly podcast Mallett and Michelle on Dripping Springs. Call him at 512-627-7018.