Austin Ranked #1 in Monthly Economic Rankings


Image Credit: Austin Business Journal

This month Austin moves up on the On Numbers Economic Index due to its employment growth and its stable housing market. Austin has consistently been ranked #2 on this index for the last few months, but this month it pushed past Oklahoma City to earn the top spot.

According to the report:

  • The number of private-sector jobs in Austin has increased by 7.9 percent since late 2007, easily the fastest pace in America.
  • Unemployment rates are lower than 5.5 percent in only 12 metros. Austin’s rate is 5.3 percent.
  • The value of a typical Austin home has risen 4.2 percent in five years, the fourth-best increase in the nation.

Other Texas cities to rank in the top 20 are Houston (3) and Dallas-Ft Worth (14). For more information and the full article, visit



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