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Five Ideas for Fall Decorating

Fall has arrived, and with the changing of the season, why not bring some fall atmosphere into your own home? Here are five ideas for giving your home a fall feel.

1. Fun with foliage: One of the unmistakable signs of fall is the changing—and eventually, falling—leaves. Pick up some faux silkFive Ideas for Fall Decorating leaves from your local craft store and use them to accent a bookshelf or table centerpiece.

2. Add some orange: Orange is the unofficial color of fall, so adding a little orange to your home will definitely create some fall flavor—just don’t go overboard. Try adding some orange accents to white furniture.

3. Pumpkins and gourds: This is a sure way to give your home a touch of autumn, and even if orange isn’t your thing, you could try white pumpkins instead.

4. Natural elements: Fall feels rustic and outdoorsy. You can bring that feeling into your home with feathers, weathered wood, or some antlers. Those items are perfect for your mantel.

5. Hang a wreath: Wreaths aren’t just for the winter holidays. Find one with some fall foliage and other season-appropriate accents. It’s an easy way to bring the outdoors into your kitchen or living room.

Dripping Springs ISD School Supply Checklist 2013

Ready or not, it’s almost time for school! And, with tax free weekend coming up Aug 9-11, it’s time to get those school supply lists together to make make sure your child is ready for school in just a few weeks!

Click on the image below to see the list for your child’s school.

DSISD School Supply List 2013

Welcome Smoke' N Hops to Dripping Springs!

Smoke’n Hops is a locally owned company and friends of the former owner of Canyon Grill, Alice Yi. We are a group of people who are very passionate about Texas BBQ, good Texas craft beers, and live music. We’ve had a vision of a business that could bring the very best in these things together, and now our vision has become reality. Smoke ‘n Hops will brew our own beer on site, smoke our own Texas-style BBQ, and bring in prominent musicians as well as local acts with ties to the community. It is very important to us to tie these things in with a fun, family-oriented environment. Therefore we have installed a playground so the younger ones are having fun while the older ones are at play. We just opened August 1st, so please “Like” us on FB to obtain the most up-to-date information on specials and music lineups!

Smoke’ N Hops is located off of US Hwy 290 at 3799 290 East, Dripping Springs, Texas 78620. For more information visit their website at

Kitchen DIY projects to improve the look of your home

An updated kitchen can add value to your home, and, if you’re trying to sell, make it more attractive to prospective buyers. However, many people shy away from updating and outdated kitchen because they think the changes that need to be made will be too difficult, or the cost to remodel is out of their price range. Not so! Here, we’ve provided a few ideas from to improve the look and function of your kitchen.

Install A New Backsplash: Installing a new backsplash to your kitchen isn’t as hard as you might think. Check out this video from the DIY network for step by step instructions.

Before and After Using Rust-Oleum Transformations on Counters and Cabinets

Before and After Using Rust-Oleum Transformations on Counters and Cabinets

Repair Cabinet Scratches & Update If replacing your current cabinets is not in your budget, there several ways you can update these areas of your kitchen using stain, touch up markers, and wax pencils. There area also a number of kits available to resurface counters & cabinets with nice looking results. Rust-Oleum makes a DIY kit used on the cabinets below. Click here for step by step instructions for DIY cabinet refinishing to get results like the ones here.

cabinet transformation

Update Counters: If installing granite is not in the budget, try using another Rust-Oleum DIY kit to redo counters. The kits come in a variety of colors and finishes, and, can give a boring kitchen a much needed update.

Choose from a variety of colors/finishes

As with any DIY project, the most important thing is to closely follow the instructions in order to get your desired result. Be sure to do all the necessary prep work before starting on one of these projects, and you’ll be much happier with the results!

Nine Must Have Home Features

Island KitchenWhat do buyers consider their Must Have home features? Whether you’re thinking about selling your home in the near future or not, its a good idea to pay attention to what home buyers rank as most important when buying a home. That way, when the time comes for you to sell, you’ll get the most return on your investment for improvements you’ve added to your home. According to a recent National Association of Realtors survey the following are nine interior features buyers ranked as “very important” when searching for a home. If you’re thinking about upgrading or remodeling your home, it might be worth investing in the following highly ranked items:

1. Central air-conditioning

2. Walk-in closet in the master bedroom

3. Ensuite master bath

4. New kitchen appliances

5. Eat-in kitchen area

6. Hardwood floors

7. Granite countertops

8. Kitchen island

9. Stainless steel appliances

Even though all these items could add value to your home and are highly desired by buyers,  contact us for a comparative market analysis before you go crazy with updates & upgrades to make sure you get a solid return on your investment. We’d love to help you come up with a strategy for selling your home for the most money in the shortest amount of time, whether it’s now, or sometime in the future!

Read the full article here: 8 Interior Home Features That Buyers Most Crave.

Why are so many people moving to Texas? 3 Reasons

(Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images)

(Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images)

If it seems like everyone is moving to Texas these days, there’s a reason…they are!

According to the U.S. census bureau, Texas received the most new arrivals between 2011 and 2012 (210,590 new arrivals), distantly followed by North Carolina (60,106 new arrivals) and then Virginia (40, 844 new arrivals).

But why Texas? Here are just a few reasons people are relocating and making the Lone Star State home.

1.  JOBS:

Now, you may have already guessed this but, many people are moving to the State for employment. Strong growth in the areas of energy, technology, manufacturing and business services in Texas has put the state on top in terms of job growth. In fact, according to Joel Kotkin, professor of urban development at Chapman University in Orange, California, four of the top 10 metropolitan areas for job growth in 2013 are in Texas.


Lower median home prices, combined with an easier process of land acquisition makes it more affordable and less complicated for would-be Texans to call the state home. Dr Ali Anari, research economist at the Real Estate Center at Texas A&M University, says that a more abundant supply of land and fewer regulations make buying land/homes in Texas appealing to those looking to relocate.


According to Kay Bell, contributing tax editor at Bankrate, Texas is one of only 7 states in the U.S. where individuals pay no personal state income tax. And, according to Tax foundation Research, only 5 have a lower tax burden than Texas. This, combined with recent tax incentives & tax cuts to businesses, has many people and companies seriously considering a move to the Lone Star State.

Whether you were born & raised here, or just got here as quick as you could, watch out! Texas was also named the “stickiest state” by Pew researchers meaning, once you’re here, you may not be going anywhere anytime soon. But, with all that Texas has to offer, why would you want to? 🙂

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