Get to know our Agents on The Mallett Integrity Team!

The Mallett Integrity Team is a group of highly skilled professional Realtors in the Austin, TX area, and one incredible Executive Assistant that runs the show. (and types the blogs…) But who are these people and why should you even want to know about them anyway? For the next few weeks, we will be diving in to the personal details of all of these agents to get an idea of what makes their expertise the best.

The first Agent to volunteer such valuable information is the fearless leader, Steve Mallett. In an exclusive interview with Steve, we get a closer look at the man behind the Real Estate License…

When did you get into Real Estate?

I got my license in February of 2004.


What made you interested in being a Realtor?

When I sold my house in CA I watched what my agent did and thought to myself “I can do this much better than that!”.  I was surprised how tough this job is but I have loved it (almost) every step of the way.


What is your favorite part about the business?

The people I have met and work with.


What makes you qualified to sell people’s homes?

I have been in the seller’s shoes and know how hard it is to have your house on the market.  I also know that it’s my job to make sure they know what is happening every step of the way.  My experience helps me to know what is important and what to not get too upset about.


Who is your biggest motivator or Role Model in the business?

I am motivated by the people around me that make tough decisions every day and just keep plugging away.  I really like Tom Ferry, the real estate coach as a motivator.


Where did you get your first sale/buy as an agent?

2004 in Wimberley in Woodcreek.  It was a new spec house and I sold it at the first open house I ever did.


Why do you think it is important for people to use Agents?

So they get the most money out of their home with the least amount of liability and headache.  You get more $ and you have a smoother transaction.  Why would you NOT use an agent?


So there you have it. Steve may not give the most elaborate answers, but that is kind of what we like about him. He gets straight to the point, and knows exactly what he is talking about.

Stay tuned for when we find out more about Lori Howe, the once popular vocal stylist who turned in her microphone for two kids and an eKey.

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