Getting to Know Our Agents- Part III

This week we continue to explore the fuel to the Mallett Integrity Team fire. Much like technology, transportation, and life as we know it, the housing market is changing at a rapid pace. What didn’t 3 months ago is now some of the hottest material on the market.
So how does the Mallett Integrity Team keep up with such a demanding business? With team members like Ronnie Klein. The Mallett Integrity Team knows exactly why we like working with him, but we wanted you to know as well. Here is what he had to say:

When did you get into Real Estate?

I came from a family of Home builders and Realtors. My father was a builder and there was always conversation about Real Estate in our home. Also I have always had an interest in making the deal and architecture. So after I sold my business in 2007 I received my license
And have been enjoying every moment, well mostly.

What did you do before Real Estate?

I was in the body shop business for over 30 years. Twelve of those years I owned and operated Sterling Auto Collision just 2.5 miles East of Dripping Springs TX. My shop specialized in repairing Porsche, BMW and Saab. All of our business was based on referral’s that came from the Rodger Beasley Franchises, BMW of Austin and past costumers

What made you interested in being a Realtor?

I always wanted to be a Realtor, but since I had a family and other living expenses I thought I better stay with a sure thing. Over the years I had become very successful in the Shop and had gotten to know a lot of people. In 2007 I had an opportunity to sell Sterling and try something that I knew that just like the Body Shop Business I would get good at it also,
so I took the leap.

What is your favorite part about the business?

One thing that is still important in ant business is to do what you say you will when you say you will do it. Just like in the Shop, being a Realtor is no different. It is still the cornerstone of any business. It`s the thing that Sterling was known for and now it`s the same thing that my client`s remark to me about now that I am in Real Estate.

What makes you qualified to sell/Buy people’s homes?

Being in business all those years I learned that it is the details that will get you into unpleasant situations faster than anything. And Real Estate is all about the details. So along with this in mind and three years of classes and several millions in sales I feel very good about my work.

Who is your biggest motivator or Role Model in the business?

This is something that I had to search for. Somebody or a brokerage that had the tools and support most everybody needs to be successful at anything in life. After some jumping around I found Keller Williams and my Broker Steve Mallett. Between the two I can operate in complete confidence in dealing with the surprises and complexities that often arise in this profession.

Where did you get your first sale/buy as an agent?

My very first sale was a lot in a subdivision in Dripping Springs. I was calling people that have visited my web-site and got to know Mr. Norman.
He had a clear vision of what he wanted and he had me look everywhere until we found it. He built his retirement home on that lot. And he has the view he requested also.

Why do you think it is important for people to use Agents?

This is a huge question. One reason is the ongoing changes in general practice which is why to this day I am taking classes, and not to forget the Mortgage Industry. Signing up for a Mortgage on your Home is something that you need to get right from the start. Because it`s hard and expensive to fix later. As a Realtor we deal with costs of everything from square footage of homes to the amount of the sprinkler system repair and we have a good sense of what a good constructed mortgage looks like. Oh, there is a lot of paperwork that is also part of the deal.


You can’t find a more genuine and honest man than Ronnie. He cares for his clients in a way that is rarely found in the Real Estate world these days. The Mallett Integrity Team prides itself on such character and sincerely wishes for that desire to be reflected in its service to the Dripping Springs Community.

Next week, we continue when we question the infamous Anthony Myers. Known as the house comedian, you never know what answer he can throw your way. Stay tuned to learn how Anthony keeps us all in tears…

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