Getting to Know Our Agents- Part IV

You have been patient long enough, and the much awaited finale to the series about our Agents here on the team is finally here. Anthony Myers took some very valuable time out of his crazy schedule to answer a few questions about his business and personal details. Known as the comedian of the team, Anthony continues to surprise those who know him best with his witty comments and comebacks. Read the interview below to find out what the serious side of him look like.


When did you get into Real Estate?

June 2009Image


What did you do before Real Estate?

Semiconductor Manufacturing


What made you interested in being a Realtor?

I always wanted to go into the business. There was something intriguing about the property value and the housing market that is always changing. You always have to be in the know about what is going on in the area, and that is sometimes hard to do. Having your own business and being an expert in what you do makes being a Realtor fun for me.


What is your favorite part about the business?

The best part about my job is getting to meet new people all the time. Learning how to communicate with different people all the time is an ongoing process. I have made many great friends from selling or buying them houses in the past.


What makes you qualified to sell/Buy people’s homes?

The little sticker on my business card that says Realtor.


Who is your biggest motivator or Role Model in the business?

Well my biggest motivator is my wife, but my role model in the business is Steve Mallett. Anyone who can not only make a living doing this, but build a genuine business that continues to grow is impressive.


Where did you get your first sale/buy as an agent?

A house in Plum Creek to my sister-in-law.


Why do you think it is important for people to use Agents?

To ensure that they are represented and that they pay market value, but not a penny more than they have to. When listing a home it is vital for the home owners to know how much they can realistically get for their home and how to get the most out of a transaction.


There you have it. Now you know every agent on the Mallett Integrity Team. Next week we will close out the meet and greets with a short summation of the life of the Assistant. If walls could talk, they would say the same things she does, so buckle up, because she has some stories to share.

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