Gifts for the Home and the Homeowner

Christmas shopping is winding down with less than two weeks to the day. Odds are you have checked everyone off of your nice list except for the people that are impossible to shop for. They require the most time and thought into their gifts and then result in the most stress hoping they like it after it has been opened.

If this is the case for you, then think about getting them something for the home. Break away from the traditional and thoughtless picture frame or holiday themed dish towels and get them something they may not get themselves.

The winter always brings colder temperatures, bad weather days and sometimes extreme weather conditions, all of which can end up harming a home and thus the home owner or their wallet. This year people are helping each other and themselves by preventing those things and wrapping up their Christmas shopping all in one step. Consider the following gift ideas:

Remember Rain Barrells? They go way back, and are making a come back as we speak. Going green is a popular trend, so why not put a rain barrell (that come in all shapes and sizes now) at the bottom of your gutter and collect extra gallons of water to be used on your garden and landscaping free of charge at a later date! I think one would look good with a big red bow on top also…

Automated leak alarms: We are alerted when someone is trying to break out of our house, and when a door is not shut or locked, but what about when the pipes freeze and bust and then flood your home? That can now all be avoided. Look into some technology that not only helps your budget, but your future in your home as well.

Can’t think of something to get your husband or wife? Replace the front door! It is like putting on a brand new pair of shoues with the same old trusted jeans and making a whole new look. Plus, it could be the secret to keeping the warm air in and the cold air out. Remember what mom always said when you left the door open.. “We aren’t trying to cool down the neighborhood!”

Home energy audits can be just as beneficial as replacing any doors and windows in the house. Making sure the energy your home is using is not only efficient and staying with your home is a safe and financially beneficial way to start the new year,

Christmas shopping doesn’t have to revolve around the newest phone or coziest pair of socks. Think outside the box this year and put your home on the nice list too.


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