Is Your Home Ready For Winter?

If you haven’t already started preparing your home for the winter months, the recent cold snap may have made you start thinking about what you can do to make sure your home is ready for winter. Even though we generally have pretty mild winters in Central Texas, preparing your home for winter now could help you avoid costly repairs later. Here are a few tips you can use to start winterizing your home.How to Winterize your home

Debris can gather in your gutters even before fall arrives, and once the leaves start to come down during winter—not to mention the rain and snow—clogs are even more likely. Be sure to clean your gutters out now to prevent clogs, and check for leaks.

If it’s still dry enough to paint, check to see if any outdoor surfaces could use a fresh coat. As it gets colder and wetter during the winter season, new paint won’t be able to dry and cure properly, and exposed wood surfaces could suffer water damage.

The driveway
Cracks may have developed over the summer, so give your driveway a good power washing, then make the most of any opportunity to seal the cracks. Then, add a new coat of sealant to the driveway surface to help it endure the winter rain and snow.

Doors and windows
Extra air flow may have felt refreshing in the summer and early fall, but that’ll change soon (if it hasn’t already). Replace any missing or damaged weather stripping around your doors, and do the same around your windows. It’ll keep your home better insulated and save you some money on energy costs.

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