Is Austin is one of the worst places in America to own a home?

It’s one of the best towns for real estate investors but a new report boldly states that Austin is one of the worst places to own a home. recently released a list of the best places to own a home in America. surveyed U.S. homeowners on a range of topics (from safety to taxes) and gathered insight from real estate agents to determine the rankings.

Austin ranks No. 48 out of the 67 cities studied. The overall ranking comprises 10 category ratings of which Austin has two positive showings. We rank No. 4 for economic opportunity and No. 15 for tax fairness. However, Austin lands at a dismal No. 63 for commute, No. 62 for real estate confidence, and No. 59 for walkability.

The Capital City bottoms out with the worst ranking in the state. Houston, which ranks No. 1 for economic opportunity, sneaks in ahead of Austin at No. 40. Dallas fares best at No. 21; San Antonio follows at No. 28.

The happiest homeowners, it seems, are living it up in Denver, Colorado. Other top places to own a home are Grand Rapids, Michigan; Washington, D.C.; Virginia Beach, Virginia; and Rochester, New York.

Don’t tell the locals though.  Almost everyone living in Austin loves it here.

I wonder sometimes if these reports have an agenda to keep our city from getting more and more crowded.  As new development spreads from Austin, out to the east into Bastrop and west into Dripping Springs, more and more locals talk about “the good old days”.  At some point the growth will slow and Austin will always have that small town feel even when it’s a bustling city.  We support more food trucks and local businesses than just about any other city in the country.  Keep the faith Austin!  We still are one of the best places in the country to live!

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