MSN ranks Best Places to Raise your Children… Guess where we landed?

Just when you thought Texas wasn’t the best place on earth, it got even better. msn recently rated the top 10 best places in the world to raise your children, and our central area of the greatest state in the usa made the list!


No. 7 best place to raise your kids

Best place to raise kids in Texas: Wells Branch

Nearby city: Austin

Population: 13,857

Median family income: $72,740

Average school math score: 93.47 (State average: 84.18)

Average school reading score: 96.33 (State average: 89.64)

An upscale suburb of Austin, Wells Branch is a land of open parks and curling cul-de-sacs. Beyond the cultural offerings of Austin, Wells Branch provides a number of fun festivals and events for the kids, such as the Youth Fowl Shot Contest, in which basketball skills can win a Thanksgiving turkey.

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