NIMBYism in Drippin’

It always amuses me  when a person moves into Dripping Springs and buys their little plot of land or home in Belterra, Sunset Canyon or Highpointe and then starts complaining about traffic and congestion or pollution and how we need to stop all the new development.  What never seems to dawn on them is that there were people in Drippin’ and Southwest Austin 10, 20, heck 50 years ago that said the same thing.  NIMBYism is NOT IN MY BACK YARD.  Or another way to say it is “I got mine now just go away.”

We are seeing unprecedented development in Dripping Springs.  Caliterra, Harrison Ranch, Poundhouse Hills and Founder’s Ridge are all online and Headwaters, Arrowhead Ranch and the Meritage Homes neighborhood (behind RBFCU) are all well on the way to seeing homes on the ground.  This is going to bring traffic and congestion but it also will bring retail, school jobs, commercial businesses that have available housing for employees and road improvements.  Sure the town will change but is it really only going to be for the worse?

1608 High Lonesome

Did these same people complain when HEB came?  Or Home Depot?  Probably not.

I have never been scared of change.  Shaking things up can be difficult, and sometimes overwhelming, but many times the outcome can be great.  I think we are seeing that in our sleepy little town.  Like a teenager going through a growth spurt we are going to have challenges as we outgrow our shoes and pants.  We need to be smart about growth and be polite to people with differing views as we engage each other through the process though.

Let’s keep the small town feel that makes Drippin’ home.  Embrace the new folks…accept them as neighbors and invite them to the Barbershop for a beer or to your house for some home smoked BBQ.  We are growing but there is no reason we can’t stay Drippin’.

Steve Mallett has been a Real Estate Broker in Dripping Springs and the SW Austin area since 2003.  Offices in Austin and Drippin’



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