TerraScena - Dripping Springs TX - A Resource Conscious Community

TerraScena vs. the Average Home

Our team is SO excited about TerraScena, Dripping Springs first resource conscious community! As we’ve started talking with people about this new development, we’ve been hearing A LOT of questions. 

What is the vision for TerraScena?

What does a green home look like? 

What is this I’m hearing about rainwater collection systems as the only source of water? 

What are the restrictions? 

These area all great questions, and ones we’re happy to answer! The answers to many of these questions can actually be found on the TerraScena website, but, because the idea of a Resource Conscious community is a new one for our area, we want to provide you with as much information as possible, especially if you’re considering purchasing a homesite.  As with anything new, a good understanding of all the information is key. 

TerraScena - Dripping Springs first Resource Conscious Community

Plans for the front elevation of one of our homes in progress!

Some of the main questions we get are, “How is TerraScena different from other communities or homes in the area?” or “What sort of features make this community “green” or resource conscious?” To that end, we wanted to provide you with a Comparison between homes and TerraScena and Average homes so you can see the difference for yourself!

TerraScena vs. Average HomesOne of the great features of TerraScena and how this project is being developed, is that builders who want to build in this community must to be approved by the developer and meet these high quality & resource conscious building standards. 

Modern Living Room - TerraScena, Dripping Springs, TX

Living room plans for one of the homes in progress

We know your home is probably one of your biggest investments, which is why we are excited to work with TerraScena to offer Dripping Springs homeowners a chance to own a high quality home while minimizing impact on the environment. Owning a home that conserves energy and water usage can also add up to BIG savings on utilities down the road. 


Want to know more? Contact us, or see it for yourself! TerraScena is located just North of Dripping Springs on Ranch Road 12. Click here for directions. 

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