What Effect Will 4500 New Homes Have on Dripping Springs?

Caliterra, Headwaters, Founders Ridge, Arrowhead Ranch, Harrison Hills, Butler Ranch, Final Phase of Belterra.  If you add all of these up they total almost 4500 homes in some stage of development or construction for the Dripping Springs area.

What is that going to mean?  Of course that means more children coming to our highly rated Dripping Springs Independent School District.  That will raise more tax revenue which will be needed to build new or improve the school campuses.  Currently there are 2 new campuses under construction on Sawyer Ranch Road.  A Middle and an Elementary school.

It also means traffic and that is one of the big unknowns.  How will the city of DS and Tex Dot handle the extra traffic?  Expect to see a lot of road improvement and construction around Drippin’ in the coming years.  No matter what the after school traffic congestion won’t go away until there is a loop around the center of town.

What will the impact of all of those homes have on real estate.  More than likely resale home prices will see downward pressure as resale homes compete with new home sellers for the buyers coming into the area.  Would you buy a resale if you could buy a brand new home for the same price?  We expect to see resale home prices fall back some as more new homes hit the ground.  Now may be the best time to sell a resale in DS before to many more homes come on the market.

Dripping Springs is going to get talked about a lot more in the media.  New home sellers like free publicity so expect to see news stories about grand openings, special events or activities being offered in town.

Our town is going to change.  Some for the better and some for the worse.  Expect waits at restaurants to be longer, HEB to be more crowded, Drive Thru’s lines to be longer, and possibly tempers to be shorter. Dripping Springs will still be a sleepy town compared to the rest of the Austin area but we’ll all need to work on being better neighbors and friends to the new folks attracted to our special town.


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