Did you know that 67% of the homes sold in Dripping Springs in 2018 were sold by agents with no experience or knowledge about properties in our area?  Many have never sold a home with a septic system, well, deed restrictions, or AG valuations.  Hiring an agent without that knowledge will cost a seller thousands of dollars and expose them to liability.   The agent can unwittingly set their clients up for a lawsuit or a prolonged legal battle when they make mistakes. 

In 2017 a small group of local real estate experts banded together to form a professional trade group of agents and brokers committed to solving this problem for anyone wanting to buy or sell a property in the Dripping Springs area. The DRIPPING SPRINGS REAL ESTATE PROFESSIONALS was formed. 

Now 25 members strong, the group has helped hundreds of buyers and sellers realize their real estate dreams.  By streamlining complicated real estate transactions and avoiding pitfalls the DSEREP agents give their clients maximum value. 

I have been honored the be the president of this prestigious and accomplished group since 2017. 

Hire me and I will show you why working with a DRIPPING SPRINGS REAL ESTATE PROFESSIONAL is the only way to go.