I’ve been a runner since High School and a real estate agent since 2003.  Many of my work experiences mirror my athlete life and my racing experiences help me in my real estate business.
Lots of my clients are runners and athletes.  Many of the analogies I use when selling real estate come from racing and running; “Get to the finish line.”, “Don’t jump the gun.”, “We need a strong strategy to get to finish the race.”, “My legs hurt and I don’t want to go up the stairs.”
But running and selling real estate are more closely related than you would expect at first glance.  
I’ll use a marathon runner as an example of ways running parallels selling your home.  
Selling your home is something that many times creeps up on you. You buy a home and it fits your life perfectly.  Then one day life changes and you realize the house is too small/big and you need to move.  A first time marathoner realizes this in much the same way.  You start doing longer runs and you get faster and stronger.  Then one day you think “Maybe I could do a marathon?”  No lightning strikes signal the arrival of this idea.  It just coalesces in your head and you realize you are ready to move or run a marathon.  
Now comes the training.  A marathoner will gradually increase mileage, add tempo runs and hire a coach.  A home seller will start making a list of what needs to be done to get the house “sale ready” and will hire an agent to guide them through the process.  
As you go through the training, or make ready process, you have many ups and downs.  You get a nagging injury or you realize your home needs a new roof.  How you react to those roadblocks can make or break your experience.  
Once you have picked your race, or the day you want to list your home, the nerves start to kick in.  What will happen if I fail?  How do I know I am ready?  These are typical thoughts for runners and homeowners.  Knowing you are going through a normal process makes it easier to endure.  
Race day, or listing day, comes and you are a nervous wreck.  You second guess yourself but you are ready to go and at the starting line.  The gun going off, and your house going on the market, are filled with the same amount of angst and turmoil.  But you start.  And things start happening.  
Now you are working to get to your goal.  Its starts a little clunky but soon you are in a rhythm and things are clicking.  If you are selling a house you have showings and offers to work through.  If you are running you have hills and miles to work through.  
There are ups and downs.  Sometimes it feels great and other times you think to yourself “Why am I doing this?”.  
As you near the end you get excited and nervous.  Will my legs hold up?  Will our contract hold up?  What happens if they don’t?  
As you approach the finish line you are relieved and happy that you have accomplished your goal.  The euphoria can last for days.  You stuck it out and got your home sold or finished your first marathon.  The experience opens up new possibilities for you.  Can I do a faster marathon?  Can I buy the house of my dreams now?  The limits you have had in your mind are smaller, or gone, and you see the potential for new experiences.  
Life is not meant to be stagnant.  We challenge ourselves by finding new limits and new surroundings.  Running a marathon or selling your home can be daunting.  You need to plan and execute and not pay attention to the distractions that pop up along the way.  Hiring a coach/agent to help you reach your goal is one key component to a successful race or transaction.
Selling a house is not hard, and running a marathon is not hard, if you know how to do it.  Don’t wing it and harm yourself by jumping into something that can hurt you in ways you never realized.   
The next time you are running think about the skills and dedication you achieve that can help you in many areas of your life.  I know it will help you sell your house.  Listen to your body and get help and guidance.  There’s no reason to go through these experiences alone.  You’ll enjoy the journey so much more if you have guidance from someone that has been there before you.