3 Things Real Estate Agents Say That Make No Sense to Normal People


Everyone knows a real estate agent, and most know at least three. They can be quirky and odd at times. Agents consider everyone they meet a possible client and it is hard for them to turn that off. When you talk to an agent you sometimes get the feeling they are kicking your tires trying to decide if they want a test drive. Agents even have their own language that can confuse “normal” people. Here are a few phrases that agents toss around like candy at the Founders Day parade.  

Touches; “Have you touched your client today?” Even in the pre-Covid world this sounded creepy. In realtor speak this means to have an interaction with a client. It can be a phone call, text or email. It’s how agents ensure you don’t forget about them. Because as soon as you forget them you hire a different agent. When this happens wine and whining are added to an agents to-do list.   

Lead Generation: This is all about finding the next deal. When an agent is “Lead Generating” they are figuring out ways to get your attention. Got a call from a Realtor during dinnertime last night? Blame Lead Generation. Post card? Yep. Lead Generation. The most obnoxious agents call and say “Who do you know that I can call about buying or selling a house?” If you need someone to unfriend you, go ahead and give the agent their name and number.  

Funding: Funding is the final step that allows the title company to cut the agent a commission check after a closing. It’s the end of a long process where the agent is herding cats while juggling flaming chainsaws. When the deal has Funded the agent is like a bull rider hearing the 8 second bell. Hats are flying everywhere! Ding, Ding Ding!

When you hire a great agent you will stick with them like a wool blazer to your back in the Texas summer. You don’t have to know the lingo to know to hire a good agent, but it does help.  


Steve Mallett has been a licensed Real Estate Broker in Austin, TX since 2004.  His team has helped over a thousand clients buy or sell homes in the Greater Austin Area.  512-627-7018