Halloween Tales of Real Estate

Halloween brings out ghouls, ghosts, and sometimes princesses. It’s hard to believe that there would be any Real Estate connection to this fun holiday but life as a Real Estate Broker can be full of nightmares.
During the option period on a luxury listing the septic system was being inspected. When the inspector removed the concrete cap the entire concrete lid collapsed and fell into the hole. Effluent sprayed into the air and landed all over the inspector and the yard. The broker scrambled to help the seller get a new septic system designed, installed and inspected prior to closing. In the end they closed on time but it took all of the agent’s skill and knowledge and a few curse words along the way to get it done.  
A large Estate home in Dripping Springs was listed and quickly went under contract. During the option period the buyer terminated the contract because “There is a paranormal presence and ghosts in the house.” Ghosts may have once resided there but now a lovely couple from Boston owns it and loves it.  
There was a very small house being prepared to be listed in Tarrytown that was home to nine very frisky cats that were not housebroken. The felines had their own bedroom with walls covered in plastic sheeting so that the cat “spray” wouldn’t soak into the walls. The plastic didn’t work. The agent ended up getting the room painted with odor destroying paint, removing all the carpet and treating the concrete. The smell persisted. The agent had no choice but to list the property as the smell wasn’t going away. It sold in 2 days for $10,000 over the asking price.  Every home has a buyer.
An agent cannot be in the business very long without running into a couple that is divorcing and has to sell a home. Sometimes these are amicable and everyone works together well. Other times the entire process is so difficult that only the best agents can navigate keeping everyone focused and calm. Both parties need to have a successful outcome, but sometimes getting them on the same page can be as messy as carving a pumpkin with a chainsaw. If an agent leaves the closing with two happy divorce clients they’ve done a great job.  It’s like coming home from Trick or Treating with a bag full of Baby Ruth’s, Butterfingers and M&M’s.  It’s a great feeling.  
When you get a Real Estate license you think you are prepared for everything that might come your way. It’s only after you have been working for a few years that you realize every day can be Tricky. But in the end working in this business is always a Treat.